6 Big Benefits of Becoming a Medical Coder

As a curious career seeker wandering through the healthcare industry, you will be flooded with a wealth of options and opportunities. Narrowing down these options, however, requires you to justify one over all the others. Medical coding is one such occupation that has attracted a good deal of attention. Here are five great reasons to consider this path:

1. Job Security

Employment projections indicate a large number of positions to be filled well into the future. Even more interesting is the number of vacancies in the current economy. A study done by the American Hospital Association suggests that approximately eighteen percent of all medical coding positions are empty due to lack of qualified candidates. Further, the economics of the industry are changing and the ability to properly code diagnosis and procedures for the sake of billing is becoming even more critical.

2. Predictability

The job of a medical coder is fairly routine in nature and is one of the few occupations in the industry that does not require a great deal of patient contact. These professionals are part of the administrative staff, working in back office areas processing information into usable codes. As such, coders can typically expect to work a normal forty hour week with little demand for overtime. Those who work from home can even set their own schedule.

3. Flexible Location

The nature of the profession does not always require that an employee be on-site, as the large majority of tasks can be accomplished in a domestic (or other) setting. Work-from-home jobs can come in the form of freelance work, a standard salaried position, or even the opportunity to start one’s own business.

4. Competitive Pay

Compensation is a consideration for any job and the wages for professionals in the field are expected to keep up with the demand. While coders do not make as much money as say, nurse practitioners, it must be noted that education and training requirements are far less. Similarly, for those looking to start their own business (which is not even an option for most other jobs in the industry), the relatively small start-up costs and low overhead make it an even more attractive career path.

5. Minimal Training

While the job does require specialized training, the length of time needed is not excessive. Most training programs take less than two years to complete, and the preparation for additional certification is ordinarily just a few months; most of which can be done online. This is in contrast to any number of other health care professions which require four years or more of schooling in traditional classroom settings.

6. Job Satisfaction

In addition to the reasons above, medical coders take pride in understanding the importance of their work. Accurate billing for services rendered in a medical setting depends greatly on the expertise of a competent coder, and as such, health care facilities and insurance companies both rely greatly on their work

As you can see, this career path does have a lot to offer and most professionals in the industry will agree that the benefits undoubtedly outweigh the costs. The work performed is essential and the demand for reliable professionals is constant. It is this demand which will allow the profession to grow in quality and will demand even higher compensation in the future. As such, it is an occupation well worth investigating.

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